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August 26, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)


One night, after a heated argument with your boyfriend, you went for a walk in the woods at in the dark, to calm your frustrated nerves. You walked around,looking at the nature and punching trees to relive stress and anger.

It was getting pitch black and you could see the stars and some grey grey clouds shrouding the moon, so you decided to head home...but you felt pressure on one part of your body...your wrists.. like someone was restraining them so you couldent move, crying out a high pitched "help!!" as you tried to move your hands.

However, that was not the only strange thing, you felt a presence behind you, as if it was looking at you, trying to bore holes right through your soul to drain your sanity, You stopped struggling against the thing and surrended yourself.

You gave a loud gasp as you felt its long tentacles snake around your waist, lifting you off the ground to then have you look at him, you were left speechless as you looked at his pale blank couldnt understand what was happening, it seemed as if he was whispering, trying to communicate ....but you only heard the faint buzzing of static.

While your mind was left blank like his face, you were being carried to a house nearby.

You let out a choked-back scream, only resulting to the tall man wrapping another one of his long tentacles around your mouth.

You were panicking, feeling his coldness against your body made you shiver in the cold, knowing you were small and helpless made tears prick at the corner of your eyes.

When you were finally let go and placed on the suspiciously red-stained floor, you realized your whole body trembling, you stood up, and ran for your life to the door.However,it dident seem to budge..your head panicked, you jerked the knob uselessly, tears now flowing down your cheeks as the tall man in the suit watched your every move like a hawk.

Struggling to think, you could sense that SlenderMan was moving closer, almost  to the point that he touched your whole body with his tall frame

You felt his hands wrap around your butt, then unzipping your jeans, you froze,What? you couldent move, you were frozen on the spot as it left him all the access to do whatever he wanted with you, you had no clue what he had done, but you couldent do a thing.

You lost your voice and couldn't move a limb, you were stuck like a stone statue, still clinging on to the knob of the door, as if it could save you.

Slender, however,managed to move you back on the cold floor, and took your navy jeans off. You layed in a awkward position, still not being able to move.

Next,he took off your shirt,leaving you in your bra and panties, shivering like a lost puppy.

He bent over you and took one of your breasts in his oversized hand, squeezing them for a few seconds, not bothering to remove your bra that protected your cleavage.

After, he covered your eyes with what seemed like a blind fold, and took off your underwear.You would of shivered to death, but instead you did nothing, just layed there without any senses except touch.

Still seemingly lifeless, you felt his long tentacles sneaking themselves everywhere around you,and they went everywhere they could, exploring your body like a thousand snakes.Then,you felt them going into your mouth,your ass and in your vital regions.
you wanted to scream out in pain,but you were stuck on the ground covered in tentacles.

after a while you let out a deep-throated moan and in unison, all of the tentacles started to move,
Slender sped up his pace going faster and faster,thrusting in and out of you at an inhuman pace for about 20 minutes, then he finally released you, leaving you numb and senseless with the blind fold on.

Once he finished, you felt yourself being picked up and being dumped in a dungeon, so he could reuse you later on.

Once your senses returned, you could feel aches all over your body, feeling as if you have been stretched out from the inside. You,once again, felt powerless and worthless, having no energy to get up. :iconscaredplz:

This is my first lemon...sorry it sucks and...yeah...I apologise...

Thanks to :iconroxybee: for improving it for me

I dont own Slendy Slend
Or you.Unless you want to be owned by Slendy,feel free.

I got the picture from here:


My Jolly golly polly molly yolly rolly wolly molly quackamoly! So many have favourited this,THANK YOU EVERYONE! :iconhugplz:
Thank youuu~
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JohnnyLuvz69 Apr 15, 2014  New member
now to give my opinion you should of done more with the sex scene
Woah....This. Just. Woah. Excuse me while i go find a tissue. *Runs out holding nose*
I feel used............ and violated O_O 
*dies of blood loss* Nosebleed :nosebleed: The Monkey With the Nosebleed Emoticon: Nosebleed Nosebleeds fondo blanco Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2]

You earn a hug.Frozen - HUG! 

I love Slendy!! I wouldn't mind being owned by him!
Deadlywise Feb 16, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
*eyes wide open* what the hell slender :o
Dezi101 Feb 12, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
I need a tissue
Ask-MistyJay Feb 9, 2014  Student Artist
Should i get the bat?
Willowfreakgaming Feb 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist

amaimonfire Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw the picture, and knew this was going to be interesting.
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